Princess Training: IT BEGINS!

Good morning beautiful people! Guess what today is!!!!!!!

That’s right! Today kicks off training for the 2018 Disney Princess Half Marathon. Challenge training started yesterday.

But, I am not going to babble your ears off about training techniques or any of that stuff. Just get out there and run! You will have bad days, days where you don’t wanna, and really awesome days! Enjoy the journey. Add some Disney tunes to your playlist. Visualize the sights you will see along the course (sounds weird, I know, but it does help!)

Since training officially kicks off this week, I thought it would be fun to talk about a tool that really helped me back in 2013 when I started this craziness. I can’t remember where I found it and I ended up making two – one for home and one for work. Back in 2013, I had really awesome co-workers who cheered me on throughout my training and were really excited for me by race day!

Let’s make a motivational training calendar!

This is a super simple tool and you don’t really need anything special to create it. I made my training calendar on the computer, printed out some fun sayings and dug out some construction paper.

Step 1: decide on what training calendar you are going to use. RunDisney provides a good one. I happen to like coloring in my days so I always print out a calendar. I also typically add my races or other events (like the Polar Bear Plunge which is in January).

Step 2: google for images! They can be funny or motivational. Silly or serious. Pictures. Whatever is going to help keep you going!

Step 3: attach calendar to construction paper (or poster board). To do this, I simply stapled the last page of the calendar to the construction paper. I plan on ripping off each month as we progress through training.

Step 4: cut out and attach your images all around the calendar. Mine this time around is tame but the one I made in 2013 was a riot of color, images, sayings, motivational phrases.

Step 5: hang it up where you will see it! Mine is now on my fridge. In 2013, I had one on my fridge (and the boyfriend would see it and ask me questions – did you run? did you work out? how far are you running this weekend?) and I had one on my desk at the office. My co-workers got used to seeing me color in boxes in the morning!

There you have it! A simple tool to make and use as we start this journey together.

Training plans: Half Marathon and Fairy Tale Challenge!


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