Fundraising: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Today is a special day for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital! It’s Child Health Day!

I have been an avid fundraiser for the last two years. Almost every single Disney race has been run after fundraising for a RunDisney approved charity.

For the 2018 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, I decided to fundraise CMN. The race in 2018 will be my fifth princess and the first time I run for the celebratory charity. I signed up to be a “fundraiser” and committed to raise $250 before the end of the year. A “fundraiser” does not earn a race bib – they are simply fundraising and spreading awareness.

Back to today – October 2 is Child Health Day. As a group, we are trying to raise $10,000! How? Each Miracle Maker is going to try for $32 in donations today (or more!). Why $32? Thirty two represents the 32 million patient visits by 10 million kids across the country each year.

So far, fundraising for CMN has been amazing! I have hit my minimum already and would love to receive a $32 donation today! It’s tax deductible and for the kids!

To donate, please click this link!

Stay tuned! I will post an update if we get to the $32 (personally) and the $10,000 (as a group). Also, a longer more extensive fundraising post will come soon!

Update: I was able to raise my $32 on October 2nd AND the Miracle Makers community collectively raised OVER $10,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! Pretty cool right?!


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