Princess Training: The First Steps

As promised with my post back in May around the time of registration, I am going to walk you through the craziness you signed up for!

Hopefully in the two months since we last talked, you have done your homework – or glanced over the assignment!

In 2013, it was around this time that I started running. My friend had already put the idea in my head about: Disney, princess, running. I was still deciding over the distance I would sign up for (back in 2013, Princess 2014 opened in July and did not sell out until early August).

Basic gear you should already have: a fitted pair of running shoes (yes I know dropping $100+ is hard) and a good sports bra or two (seriously, back pain is no fun whether you are an A or DD).

Other gear you may want to consider: a Road ID, sunglasses (check out Goodr), and headphones (I really like AfterShokz).

Last girlie thing: please please take care of your skin! Have a good face scrub/moisturizer ready for post run! Find a good sunscreen that makes your face happy while you are out there sweating – my go to right now is Clinique’s Hydro-Rush.


If this is your first race ever (like it was for me) or you are increasing your distance goals, I recommend starting now.

Way back when, I was starting mid-July my Couch to 5k program. Yes, it really sucks starting in the heat of the summer but you have to start sometime! Running in the morning or evening are your best bet. Find a time that works with you and stick with it! Most Couch to 5k programs seem to have you run 3 days. Life happens so be flexible but do try to get those 3 runs in each week!

If you start training now, look for a local 5k to complete in September.

Princess Training starts in October. By starting now, you get to figure out what works and what doesn’t – for you. Remember everything on my blog is my suggestions and what has or hasn’t worked for me.

Also, by starting now, you are starting your base skills and will only build on them as you go through the process. You may even feel confident enough to take on a 10k before the November 14th Proof of Time deadline! How awesome would that be!

Go ahead, get out there! Those baby steps in the running world aren’t going to take themselves! You totally got this!

If I can pull myself back up from my comfy cloud of laziness, you can totally take on your first 5k and crush it!

Happy running!


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