Runner Review: Ultima Replenisher, Goodr Sunglasses, Body Glide – For Her, Foot and Relief

I am very pleased to be able to review some products that helped me go the distance already this year!

First up, Ultima Replenisher. I first got to try Ultima at Zooma last year as they were part of the runner goodies. I have to be honest, I didn’t think much of them at first and just put them in my runner kit for a later time. At the time, I had a stash of Nuun and didn’t want to use something knew until I finished my tubes of Nuun.

It didn’t take me too long to realize Ultima is packaged better for travel or a pocket during a volunteer shift. I’ve carried a Nuun tab without its tube and had a slightly dissolved mess in my pocket.

Besides being packaged to be carried anywhere, Ultima also tastes amazing! My favorite of the ones I’ve tried is lemonade. It’s very light and refreshing – and actually tastes good. There is no chalky taste and I actually want to drink it. 

During both race weekends, I carried Ultima in both my purse and race kit. The packets are small and take up much less room than a tube of Nuun. It also hit the spot since both Florida and California can be a touch on the humid side. 

I find it’s much better to take electrolytes when they are portable and tasty! I could even mix with water while on the plane!

Also making an appearance at both race weekends were my brand new Goodr Sunglasses.

While I didn’t get to try them in Florida since the race was canceled, I did try them out at California.

I have been hestitant about getting sunglasses for running mostly because I’m worried they will fall off my face and shatter.

Once the sun came up and I had worked up a good sweat, it was time to try them out!

Besides a little bit of condensation (oops), they were great! Whether walking or running, I didn’t feel them shift at all and at no time did I feel like I needed to push them back up my nose. I even looked down a few times to see if they would shift and they didn’t.

Added perks: these sunglasses are polarized and are less than $30! 

Lastly, a runner’s stand by – Body Glide. These babies were brought out at Disneyland since the race was on!

I used Body Glide – for Her on my legs. I applied prior to putting my RunningSkirt on. I put it around where my shorts end. This would help preventing any chafing if my shorts moved up mid race.

It worked great! At no point did I need to adjust my shorts to cover spots that were starting to get raw. 

There was also no sticky residue and no smell. I have heard from others that this product is “scented” and it is not. Fragrance is not even listed as an ingredient on the packaging. 

I also used Body Glide Foot. I had never seen this product before and was very excited to try it. I’ve been getting crazy blisters on my feet during races and that’s never happened before. 

I applied Body Glide Foot liberally to my feet and especially where blisters have been making appearances. I then added a pair of Feetures socks for extra anti-blister protection. Added my shoes and off I went!

This product also exceeded my expectations. Not only did my feet not slide while running (which I thought might happen since I had product on them) but I also made it through with no blisters! Hooray! Nothing is worse than feeling a blister form and not knowing when it’s going to burst!

After the race, I headed back to my room to change and begin my day at Disneyland. 

I re-applied Body Glide Foot (just in case) and then applied Body Glide Relief. By now, I was realizing I should have worn my brace and my knee was starting to let me know it was angry.

I applied Body Glide Relief to my knee and my ankles. You could feel this soothing pretty quickly with a cool sensation. I’m going to compare this to Biofreeze but without the mess and need for gloves to apply.

I put the tube of Relief in my bag and headed out to the park. 

I was pleasantly surprised with how well Relief worked. I did a 5 hour walking tour and some general park running around. After dinner, I realized it was time to re-apply. After doing so, I was set for the next few hours at the park.

I will say my knee was fine while moving around. It did get a little angry if I sat for a period of time but quickly didn’t bother me once I started moving again.

I was very happy with my experience with all 3 formulas of Body Glide!

Try one or try them all – I definitely think you will find a new go-to for your race bag!

Disclaimer: Body Glide did send me a tube of Foot and Relief to try. However, all opinions in this post are my own.


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