DIY: Princess Leia running costume

With the passing of Carrie Fisher, I decided the best way to honor her memory was to run the Star Wars Light Side 10k as Princess Leia.

I’ve never run in a full costume – always something running inspired. I quickly put together an idea and started making it happen.

I always find Disneyland races to feel cooler on race morning so I knew I would want to run in a t-shirt instead of my usual tank. I used Etsy to find a cute Leia running saying – “my only hope is to cross the finish line” – and then sent that off to be printed on a shirt.

Next step, bottoms. I knew I would not like running in a long skirt (like Leia’s iconic outfit from Episode 3). I decided on a running skirt from I love these skirts because they have pockets and compression shorts underneath. I picked my skirt up at Marathon weekend (yey expos!). 

Last step, the belt. This was the real trouble for the whole costume. I knew I didn’t want heavy. I also knew I didn’t want to spend a lot to make a belt I would only maybe wear once or twice.

I decided the easiest material to work with would be felt and sparkle material. A quick trip to my local craft store and boom – I was in business.

Now, how do I make a belt?!?! I turned to Pinterest to find a pattern. There were a lot of detailed patterns for a more authentic looking belt. I found one for a Halloween costume and after looking at it, I realized it was at the belt shape I wanted.

Step 1: gather all materials needed; pattern, construction paper, pencil, felt, sparkle material, scissors, tape and pins.

Step 2: assemble the pattern

I cut out the pattern once. I then taped piece 1 and 2 together. From there, I traced the pattern twice on to construction paper. Once both pieces were cut out, I taped both sides together to make one large belt shape.

Step 3: cutting the material

I put the belt shape on top of my sparkle material and pinned the shape down. From there, I proceeded to start cutting the belt out of the material. I repeated this process twice so I could have both sides of the belt.

Step 4: adding felt

After cutting these pieces, it became very clear that I would need to add the felt to the sparkle. This would give the belt some weight. I repeated step 3 but with felt. Once the felt was cut, I used fabric glue to attach the sparkle to the felt.

Step 5: sewing

After letting the glue dry overnight, I got ready to sew the 2 pieces together. Sewing is not my best work so my stitching is very fundamental and did the trick. 

Step 6: finishing the belt

Last step was to add Velcro to the belt. I bought adhesive Velcro and cut it into strips. The instructions said to let the adhesive sit for 24 hours after applied to the fabric. 

Finished look:

Not pictured: my white runDisney New Balance shoes completed the look

And you can see that it was a humid morning and my buns barely made it through the corrals but here’s what they looked like:


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