Disney’s All Stars: Music

During the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, I stayed at the value resort of All Stars: Music.

This resort offers all the same benefits as staying at more expensive Disney resorts while not being too harsh on your wallet.

As with All Stars: Movies (where I stayed during Wine and Dine Weekend in November), Music offers over-the-top themes in a what looks like a normal hotel room.

Since I was traveling alone and only really planned on being at the hotel while sleeping, it fit my needs quite nicely.

My flight was late on Thursday and luckily, the food court was still open! I quickly grabbed some food and drink and made my way to my room. I love that you can avoid the check in line at Disney by doing online check in about 30 days before arrival. Before I even caught my plane, I had received a text alert letting me know my room was ready (complete with room number!).

Tip: don’t try to carry your bags and food at the same time while trying to find your room.

I was completely disoriented in the dark. I don’t believe signs were posted with what building numbers were which way. I luckily found a nice person who pointed me in the right direction and offered to help me carry stuff.

Anywho, I found my room after about a 10-15 minute walk. 🙂

On Saturday, I explored my surroundings a little more. With the race being canceled, I had time (and energy) to walk around. I was staying in one of the Broadway buildings.

Along with the decor on the outside of the buildings, the Broadway soundtracks from Disney shows was also being played. I did not notice this element when going through the Jazz or Calypso buildings.

The food court was also themed but unlike Movies, the theme wasn’t as obvious. It actually took me until Sunday to realize the food court was supposed to resemble a music hall.

If I had to pick between Movies and Music to stay again, I would go with Movies. I feel like Music was spread out much more than Movies. After a long day – of parks or racing – most of us want to be able to get to our room quickly. To get to my room, I had to go past the main pool, a fountain and make a left at the smaller pool.

Also, if I had kids, I thought the building area offered less to amuse the little ones. At Movies, there were props kids could sit on or pose with between buildings, whereas Music didn’t have anything (that I saw) for you to “play”.

On Sunday, I did a little bit of resort hopping and had breakfast at Cape May Cafe in Disney’s Beach Club resort.

This was my first visit to both the resort and restaurant so I was very excited!

The weather wasn’t super beachy – I had many layers on and felt bad for the marathoners as they ran by.

Cape May Cafe for breakfast is character dining. Minnie, Donald and Goofy are all in their beach best and make multiple rounds to the tables. This is both a blessing and a curse. As soon as I sat down, Goofy was there. Since I assumed this was his one visit to my table, I hurried to snap a picture before I had even settled myself. Unlike my other character dining experiences, characters tend to stay back until the guests are settled so this made me feel very overwhelmed.

Once my server arrived, she took my drink ordered, invited me to the buffet when I was ready, and explained the characters continuously visit. I prepped my table for autographs and then made my way to the buffet.

The buffet is your standard fare – Mickey waffles and a host of other breakfast faves. It’s also a smaller buffet than Chef Mickey’s. However, everything I could have wanted was there and who can say no to Mickey waffles?!?!?

After making my plate, I headed back to eat and await my next visitor. I was visited by all three characters about 4 times throughout my visit. And the people at the next table were kind enough to take pictures for me so I didn’t have to try to do a selfie with each one! I also got Goofy, Minnie and Donald to sign my copy of The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World.

The decor in the restaurant did remind me of the beach and Cape May (if you have never been to Cape May, NJ – check it out!). Decor included columns covered with croquette sets and sandcastles between tables.

For an adult breakfast, Cape May Cafe comes in at half of the cost of Chef Mickey’s ($32 vs. $60). The characters are also continuous vs. one visit per table. If kiddos are scared at first, this will give them the chance to warm up to the idea – especially once they see how others are interacting with them.

This weekend was 3 firsts: All Star Music, Cape May Cafe and Fantasia Gardens miniature golf…

Can’t wait for my next trip which will have even more firsts!




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