DIY: First Disney Visit Gift

Tis the season for giving!

A good friend of mine is hosting an exchange student this school year. They have gone to so many cool places so far but the place I am most excited for is — Disney!

My friend is an avid runner and somehow finds the energy to run the Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon…in 4 DAYS!) and will be taking our favorite student to Disney. She will be participating in her first 5k and earning some of that beautiful Disney bling.

We all know I love Disney so I couldn’t think of a better gift than to create a first trip to Disney care package.

It didn’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. It also couldn’t be big since it will need to go home with her once she has completed her year.

So I decided on some small Disney items:


The autograph book can be used to collect signatures and then turned into a scrapbook holding pictures and other small things she may collect during her trip (I hope she does that because I would love to help her create one!). Hot hands and headband can be used for her run, pins can be traded, pens and sharpies for the autograph book, a 1st visit button, and a few other little items.

My next step was to wrap everything. I decided to gift wrap in the best way I know how – a Disney themed bag.

I decided to make my own. All I needed was some white paper, button, red gift bag and yellow tissue paper. You could also use white buttons or some other embellishment.

First step: trace the button on the white paper. The white paper will be the buttons on Mickey’s shorts. I just happened to have a larger button mixed in with all my extra buttons (I finally found a use since I haven’t needed to replace a button!) and white craft paper in my stash of craft supplies.

Second step: once you have cut out your buttons, place them on the red gift bag. Before you glue them down, make sure you like the distance they are from each other.

Third step: after you have attached your buttons, put whatever goodies you have into the bag.

Last step: add your yellow tissue paper and whatever else you might want to add to finish your gift.


And there you have it! A cute Disney inspired gift bag filled with goodies for a first Disney trip!

I am very excited to gift this. I can only imagine how excited she is to be in the States for the first time AND going to Disney World for the first time.

The items I picked are for a teenager; I went for fun and practical. I’m also not sure what my friend is giving to her so I went with things I figured she wouldn’t get.

Other first time items could be: poncho, gift card, ears, Disney jewelry or accessories, magic band accessories, stuffed animals or toys, personalized reusable water bottle for the parks, activities (for the plane or car), stickers


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