The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World

Back in the spring, I was selected to be one of the Mastermind members to help edit the 2017 edition of The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World. It was really hard keeping it a secret!

When I first started looking into running my first half marathon at Disney World back in 2013, I stumbled upon this book (but it was the 2014 edition). I read every article that related to my race – the Princess Half Marathon – and almost everything else from tips, hotels, places to eat and how to celebrate. I was so overwhelmed – not only was I planning for my first half marathon but I was also planning a trip to Disney.

The Guide definitely made planning for both a little easier. Not to mention, I asked a good friend how she handled her Disney races and asked my travel agent (turned running buddy) every question I could think of.

Fast forward to this year, I responded to a post on Facebook asking for feedback on the book itself. At the bottom was a question asking if you would be interesting in helping out with the next edition, um, YES PLEASE!

After a few more rounds of surveys and questionnaires asking about your Disney experiences, all that remained was picking the Mastermind group for the 2017 edition. After a few weeks (and can you believe it, I completely forgot I put my name in), I received an email saying I had been selected!


Now after months of hard work and collaboration, I am happy to present the 2017 edition of The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World!

This book makes a great edition to all the info you can find in blogs and Disney sites. However, if you are seriously thinking of running Disney, I would add this book to your collection – either in its physical or digital form.

I would love to thank (again) the author, Megan Biller, for letting me be a part of the Mastermind group. It was so exciting to work with a group of people who share my love of running and Disney.

Get your copy today!


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