Recap: Get Dirty with DirtyGirl





This morning I participated in my third Dirty Girl Mud Run! I don’t mind getting my hands dirty but mud runs are always a little out of my element (however with it being my third DG, I obviously like something about it!)

The girls and I got there around 8:30. We did a quick loop to check out the vendors, merch tent and just get a general lay of the land. Then we went to the volunteer check in tent to pick up our race bibs and check in for the day.

For non-volunteers, the check in process is broken down and fairly simple. There are 4 steps: waiver signing, bib pick up, race swag, and ID check.


Off to bag check and a quick “clean” group pic before we headed to the start. Tip: gear check is typically not undercover – pack a trash bag just in case the weather looks threatening so your stuff has a better chance of staying dry.


My group was volunteering post raise for Kellsie’s Hope Foundation. Here’s hoping we hit the goal of 10 volunteers – if we did that’s a $100 donation for KHF!

Once at the start corral, the MC got the group ready to run  with some dancing, stretching and a safety talk – a cross over your head means help, watch the flags at the aid stations (green means go, red means not so good, black means course closed), etc. Oh and then we got to run through bubbles/foam at the start!!


I did not take my phone on the course – for obvious reasons. Once the race posts pictures taken by GameFace Media, I will add some on course pics. If you must take your phone on course, they do sell a waterproof pouch at the merch tent.

Thanks to it being a rainy mess lately in Maryland, there was a lot of mud on the course – and not just at the obstacles!  I lost my footing going up a muddy bank and down I went – on a tree root — OUCH!

After 3.1 miles of fun challenges and an awesome muddy time, we crossed the finish line! I think we were on the course for a little over 2 hours – we walked (I would have fallen a lot more if I tried to run) and there were some lines at some of the obstacles.

Next off to the rinse and change area. This year, this area was sponsored by Lava Soap and let me tell you, it got the mud off much better than my other soap (and last year I tried a lot of different soaps). After rinsing off as much as would come off with just a hose, it was time to put dry, clean clothes on for our volunteer shift.


We were all assigned to work the “Club Dirty” area (aka finish line). We poured water and gave out medals. The weather held for about 2 hours into our shift and then the sky opened up and the wind picked up.

All in all, it was a really nice day. We had great weather while we were on the course, it was a wonderful time with some good friends, and it’s a women’s race where strangers help strangers.

Volunteer perks: free race entry, free race parking, volunteer shirt, ability to raise money for a charity of your choice if you have a group of 10

Race perks: shirt, medal, awesome course with obstacles, free race pics

Race cons (at this location): no free beer (I don’t drink beer but it’s still a nice touch), only one food vendor, no bottled water at the finish (just a Dixie cup), no post race banana/snacks, some of the event crew seemed very green

Mud run tips:

  • Arrive early – this will ease check in time, bag drop time, portapotty lines, earlier start (which means faster access to the rinse area)
  • Leave all valuables at home – this includes jewelry so you don’t lose it in the mud and leave the designer tote bags at home – they will get muddy!
  • Pack for all weather: trash bag to put your gear bag in, poncho if you want to stick around post race in rain, long sleeves if it’s chilly post race
  • Less is more: by this I mean, baggy clothes are a no no. Once you get muddy, you will feel weighted down. I typically try to wear my compression shorts and a moisture wicking shirt (avoid cotton and loose fitting clothes)
  • Pack plastic bags for post race clothes
  • Pack 2 towels – one to protect your car seat, the other to clean up/dry off with
  • Pack face wipes, baby wipes, tissues and q-tips
  • Duct tape if you want to tape your shoes on
  • Old  shoes – you can donate them at the end of the race
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting muddy (it will wash out but still)
  • Wear your race shirt home so you don’t have to bring a shirt from home
  • Always have a small amount of cash with you, your ID and a credit card (different vendors may only take cash, you may want to buy a beer or merchandise)
  • Pack snacks, lunch, water and electrolytes

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