Chips and Salsa

I spent the first weekend (and a half) of May volunteering two different Cinco de Mayo themed races.

The first was the Cinco de Miler (on May 1st) which was just over the Bay Bridge. As the name states, it is a 5 mile race. Terrain varies along the course – road, trail, beach, boardwalk.

It was a very wet and chilly day but the race must go on! The event team arrived around 7am to start the set up for the race. It’s not a very big race so set up didn’t take too long – and we moved quickly because once the tents were up, we could stand under them!

After set-up, I was assigned to assist with race day packet pickup. I got to hand out race shirts which is something I also love to do! I’m a swag runner so I always enjoy getting to hand out the swag 🙂

Once the race started, we switched the tables to make registration the post-race food tables. We also kept the shirts out just in case shirts needed to be exchanged.

All in all the race didn’t seem to take long. Runners were in high spirits even though the weather wasn’t the greatest.

I learned how to set-up and tear down events since there were only a few of us. Normally, I’m not part of either process since there are more people.

The second was the Fiesta 5K (on May 7th) which was at PowerPlant Live! The weather was a little threatening but it held and the sun even came out!

We had a bigger crew this race and a bigger turn out. I got to work registration at this race and handed out bibs to runners/walkers who had pre-registered.

Once the race started, we broke down registration and I went over to “rip chips” (most races have the chip on the back of the bib, this race actually had a timing device on each person’s shoe). These babies are kind of pricey if you forget to turn it back in so it’s a pretty important job!

Pretty easy job really – you get the runner’s attention, have them come to you and you pull the chip off of their shoe. It’s only difficult if a runner ties the chip into their shoe – then you have to undo their laces so you can retrieve the chip.

It was my first time volunteering both of these races. I will definitely work them again. Both races are also managed by Charm City Run and they are such a great crew to work with!


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