Disney’s Coronado Springs

During my Star Wars weekend, I stayed at Disney’s Coronado Springs which is considered a moderate resort and convention center.

Mom and I arrived after 8pm on Thursday, April 14th. I had checked us in online and once we landed at MCO, I received a text saying our room was ready. I also liked how the text included a link to the resort map (the resort was huge so this was very helpful!)

We made our way for Magic Express and off we went.

Once at the resort, I did go in to ask a few questions (like what bus stop to get off at and is there a resort specific bus). I found out we were at Bus Stop 3. Mom had gone into the gift shop to find postcards she could mail out the next day. It was a little rainy when we got there and I wanted to start my weekend with a bang and asked if the Star Wars fireworks were going to go on and if they would be visible at the resort (I didn’t want to do a mad dash to Hollywood Studios if I didn’t have too). A helpful cast member checked to make sure they were still happening and told me I would be able to view them from right outside the gift shop! Score!

Mom and I went to our room to drop off our bags and then headed back to the lobby to grab some snacks and watch the fireworks. We couldn’t hear the sound and the view was a little obstructed but I got to see the fireworks! Mom had never seen the Star Wars fireworks and was asking about the colors they used and if there was music (like Wishes) that they go off too. The Light Side was represented with blue and white fireworks, Dark Side with red and gold, and Yoda had his own – green – surprised you are not 🙂

The next day, Friday the 15th, we ventured back into the gift shop for a craft night. I love arts and crafts! We got to pick a small wooden animal and paint it however we wanted (I believe this activity was $12/person). I couldn’t think of a better way to unwind after our day at the Flower and Garden festival and my (literal) run through expo. I can’t remember the gentleman’s name who was running the event but he works at Mexico in Epcot and he carves the wooden animals. He said he couldn’t paint them as well as the ones that were done (and available for purchased) however I think he did a great job on the eyes for my turtle.


On Saturday, Mom explored the resort a little more while I was at my luncheon for Kellsie’s Hope. She went to the big pool called the Dig Site. She loved all the forms of entertainment around the pool. Cast members organized games for the kids, there was a playground, volleyball court, ping pong, a “dig site”, quick service/bar, and a hot tub. She enjoyed catching some rays while I was not running her all around Disney (I want to everything when I am there!!). We ate dinner at the Maya Grill on Saturday night. We had early reservations so I could digest my meal a little more prior to my run the next day. I had fajitas and Mom had Cornish hen.

Sunday, our last day, after I recovered from my run and we were out of our room, we both enjoyed the pool area. I wish I would have taken a suit because the slide into the pool looked awesome! The cast members were playing Disney trivia with some of the kids and I was quietly playing along. It was very nice just sitting by the pool, enjoying the slight breeze and the warmth. I made friends with a duck (not Donald) who came really close to us – not close enough for me to pet (yes I try to pet wild animals…). After playing with  the duck for a little bit, it was time for me to head over to the salon/spa of the resort.


La Vida Health Club/Casa de Belleza Salon was just a short walk from the pool and lobby area of the resort. It’s not as grand as Senses but for a little R&R, it was perfect. Checking in was quick and painless and I was able to pay before they took me back. My feet definitely deserved this treat! There were 4 pedicure chairs, 4 manicure chairs, and 2 hairs to get your hair done. The nail room has huge windows that look out over the small pool that’s next door. I met my nail tech, picked out my color, and climbed into my chair. My service was $55 with a 20% gratuity on top (all Disney spa/salon services will add this to your total so don’t double tip – unless you want to).

The entire appointment lasted about 45 minutes and I just enjoyed sitting in the comfy chair for some extra time while my toes dried. I had no where I needed to be and the conversation/company was enjoyable so I just relaxed 🙂

Pros for Coronado Springs: the pool/pool area was amazing, staff was helpful, Pepper Market, Cafe Rix and Siestas Cantina were wonderful (the quick service options), Casa de Belleza Salon was relaxing, grounds were gorgeous, bathroom/vanity area can be closed off so you don’t wake anyone if you have an early morning 🙂

Cons for Coronado Springs: the resort is huge – there are 3 bus stops with the 4th being the lobby, Maya Grill was dark and the food didn’t wow me like most table service restaurants do, rooms were adequate but lack the Disney touch at most resorts (lighting is just awkward, no Mickey or animal towel animals)


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