Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival

Last weekend, I got the opportunity to visit the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot for the first time ever!

I was blown away by the beauty of the gardens! Pictures from the festival don’t do the gardens justice.

In order to enjoy the gardens as much as possible, I booked the Gardens of the World tour for my mother and myself. As a Disney Visa cardholder, I received a 15% off the tour price – love saving money!!

The tour started at 9am and we were told to be there by 8:45. We got there a little earlier so we could enjoy the first garden on our own and take pictures. We met our group (about 10 of us) and our tour guide, Will, behind Spaceship Earth.

We got our headsets (so we could wander and still hear what Will was saying) and we were off. Will talked to us about how the gardens are installed and what they were created with. We went to most of the gardens leading up to World Showcase and through the special exhibits (like the Butterfly House).

Once to the World Showcase, we started in Mexico and Will talked to us about some of the usual foliage in the country and pointed out what was added for the festival. This continued throughout the World – it was awesome to see the usual plants and the special plants they put in to make the festival awesome!

In Italy, I believe Will said there were 300 terra cotta pots in the area and most of those were added for the festival! In Norway, they have a green roof and added flowers for the festival 🙂 Fun fact: there are no fish in the garden in China but if you look closely some sneaky tourist may have added a goldfish or two.

As we made our way around the World and the special kitchens opened, I started to wander up and order some of the delicious food! I managed to sample food in Japan, France, UK, Florida Fresh and Pineapple Promenade. Yum yum!! I could have easily walked around a few times for seconds (or thirds)!

Once the tour was over, we walked around Future World East and West to use our Fast Passes, grab lunch (yes I was ready for lunch enough though I was sampling!) and visit the festival center. They were doing a flower demo in the center and they were potting orchids – so cool!! Will have to go back and try to get into a demo session!

Last tour of the day was the free tea tour offered at the Tea Caddy. We love tea and I was curious as to what they would talk about. We were lead through the tea garden for 20 minutes  and told about the history of tea and what goes into the different blends of tea. Did you know it takes 5 years to become a tea master?


Once the tour was over, we handed in our group badges and we were given a tea sheet and a few packets of tea (yey!). Inside the store, they had a sample of Twinings cold brew tea and it was delicious! Cool, crisp and very refreshing on the humid day!

IMG_5174 (2)

After all this walking (and sampling) it was time for dinner at Le Cellier in Canada. I had never been and Mom had been there years ago. It was delicious! Mom and I both ordered the filet. I loved that they accommodated my pickiness and let me switch out the sides for carrots and potatoes vs. rice and tomatoes. Also, their bread basket rocked – three different types of bread that represented 3 different parts of Canada. I highly recommend.

**Some extra magic was sprinkled into the tour but I’m not going to tell you – you will just need to take this tour for yourself!! It was awesome and I am so glad I booked this experience. Can’t wait to take another tour!**


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