DIY: Autograph Books

When planning for my second race weekend to Disney, I decided to make homemade autograph books for Andrea and me.

I put a lot of time and energy into them – bought special paper, embellishments, etc.

After all of that I wasn’t a huge fan of what I created.

Jump ahead to 2016, my co-worker’s daughters were heading off to their first trip to Disney World! Needless to say, I was super excited for them and thought I would save their mama a few bucks and make them autograph books.

All I needed was: thick paper (just in case there is marker bleed through), card stock, ribbon, ruler, scissors, and my trusty Mickey punch

First thing I did was cut the thicker paper down into 5×7 rectangles. You can get two of these out of one sheet of paper.

Next, I cut the card stock into 5×7 rectangles. From a standard sheet of 12×12 cardstock, you can get 3 of these nicely. Silly me thought I could get 4 so I had to go back to the store (oops).

Before I started all the cutting, I went to Pinterest and found a previous pin I had used to make the original books. This pin contains photo images of all the characters with a space for each character to sign. Characters seemed to get a big kick out of having their own page and a space to sign. Since I didn’t want to overwhelm the girls on their first visit, I picked about 10 of the core characters and printed them through Shutterfly.

Once all the paper was cut, I put the pretty card stock to the side and added the 4×6 character pictures to the right hand side of the book. They could then add a picture from their trip or a memento (map, pressed penny, etc) to the left side and I could embellish if I wanted to.

The next step was my favorite! Embellishments! I kept it simple by using my Mickey punch to make red, yellow and black Mickey heads to add to the covers and the blank pages. I also made an envelope for the back of the book so they could have a place for other little things – park ticket, transportation cards, whatever they picked up.

Lastly, I put the whole book together. I hole punched all the sheets and then bound the book with black ribbon. I had cut out “buttons” from white paper and glued them to the cover. The result was a really cute Mickey themed autograph book!




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